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Blog for Sale or use for an annual fee

Every day I receive requests for password reset for this blog and I am tired of seeing them.  I am not sure why these people are trying to reset the password, probably they do not understand how the “password reset” works.

Since you are all eager to procure “AARON.WORDPRESS.COM” I am putting it up for sale at a minimum for USD 80,000.  If you are willing to pay, above the writ price, “AARON.WORDPRESS.COM” is yours.


All decisions to sell to a particular party at any price is reserved to me.

All decisions to change the pricing at any point of time is reserved to me.

All decisions at any point of time before the actual payment is transferred is reserved to me.

Any points not listed above and any decisions taken forth will be reserved to me.

If you are unable to pay the price and want to use “AARON.WORDPRESS.COM” then I will provide you access for a recurring annual payment of USD 3000.


You need to be a good writer/author

You need to be a well known writer

You will lay no claim because you are a writer on this blog “AARON.WORDPRESS.COM

You will lay no claim whatsoever on/for “AARON.WORDPRESS.COM

The above conditions may change or updated which will be abided by the author.

My decisions will be final.

Should you need to purchase or use the blog please drop a comment with a correct email id and I will reach out to you.


I am Aaron

I am 5 years old, this is my blog

nope you cannot have my name

nope you cannot have my blog name,

Hello world!

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